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Winfakt! Software

Al sinds 2006 is IT Consult Services BVBA een erkend verdeelpunt van Winfakt! Professional Business Software

Deze zakelijke software is eenvoudig in gebruik en biedt toch voldoende mogelijkheden voor alle aspecten van uw administratie :
Facturatie, boekhouding, kassaverkoop, stockbeheer, CRM, webwinkel, ...

Deze software is beschikbaar in drie pakketten :

  • Winfakt! Starter
  • Winfakt! Professional
  • Winfakt! Enterprise

"It is never the right time when you are facing IT problems. After spending more than 40 minutes with the manufacturer of my pc, after being transferred to ..10 different persons before to talk to the right one, and to receive no services, I decided to contact Geert in order to find a solution. As I was suspecting a major problem on my machine, I decided to order a new machine. I received a call from Geert 15 minutes after sending the mail, and within the hour, I received a few laptop price offers and the order was placed and confirmed. This shows the difference between claim management and real customer services. In the future, I will not hesitate to contact Geert for all IT issues. If you are facing IT issues, I warmly recommended Geert’s services. Yes, definitively, small is still beautiful!"

Eric Saint-Guillain, Business Oriented Solutions SPRL